"   Protect your peace. Get rid of toxicity. Cleanse your space. Cultivate love.   "
"   Everything takes time.
You have gotta lose your pride.
You have gotta lose your mind,
Just to find your peace of mind.
You have got to trust the signs. Everything will turn out fine.
So why aren’t you smiling?   "
Jhene Aiko, W.A.Y.S (via blackjesusbarbie)
"   If you want to know how a woman desires to be loved, ask her what her favourite song is.   "
"   I fall in love with myself, and i want someone to share it with me. I want someone to share me, with me.   "
Eartha Kitt
"   Love liberates. It doesn’t just hold - that’s ego. Love liberates.   "
Maya Angelou (via nobackspacekey)

As seductive as honey,
Simple as cartoons,
Complex as politics,
Soothing as jazz tunes,

As free as blue skies,
Nostalgic as Sunday afternoons
When the family would discuss rumors:
The ones to believe, the ones to not consume,

As beautiful as poetic sunsets
You know, the ones God painted on his own:
Oranges, reds, purples, and blues,
Rare as diamonds and stones,

The kinda woman that makes you wanna learn an instrument
Just to make her a song,
A song that’s worthy for a Queen
As she loves you from her throne.

Her Throne, Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)
"   Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.   "
Lauren Kate, Torment  (via thatkindofwoman)